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We are the attorneys for commercial and agricultural lenders in all aspects of a lender/borrower relationship; we regularly assist and counsel businesses and business people in the formation and operation of businesses; we structure and document real estate transactions and business sales; and we are very good litigators.

Oregon & Washington

We are licensed to practice in both Oregon and Washington

Lenders & Creditors

We are attorneys for commercial and agricultural lenders in all aspects of a lender/borrower relationship and we represent lenders and other creditors in the documentation and perfection of interests in collateral, workouts, forbearance agreements and restructures, along with repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcy, and the sale of collateral and real estate owned.  We regularly represent contractors, farmers, and suppliers in the filing and foreclosure of liens.


For over 30 years we have represented lenders and other creditors in every phase of a collection process, including state and federal litigation, receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, provisional process, replevin, and injunctions.  We have a significant amount of experience dealing with creditor claims in bankruptcies, including financing, relief from the automatic stay, every phase of Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 cases, and adversary proceedings and contested case matters.

Business & Commercial

Bell Law Firm can help you start a new business, sell or purchase a business, and overcome legal challenges you may encounter in the operation of a business. We have experience working in many industries in Oregon and Washington. 

We have long-term relationships with most of our clients because our expertise and experience are diverse; we have common sense; and we give practical advice. We represent brokers, contractors, commercial equipment lessors, dairies, dentists, doctors, excavation companies, farms, farmers, fraternities, golf courses, landlords, manufacturers, nurseries, and many other businesses in many industries. 

business, commercial, & Real estate transactions

The purchase, sale or lease of a business, commercial goods, or real estate can be an arduous process, but it can be over-lawyered. Parties come to us because they are interested in a transaction and it is our job to zealously represent our client’s interests throughout the transaction without becoming an obstacle. We help with letters of intent, negotiation of terms, due diligence, and the proper and thorough documentation of the agreement(s).


We have significant experience with the enforcement of contracts and disputes that can arise from transactions that go awry, and that experience makes us better at structuring the deal and memorializing the terms. Our goal in every transaction is to make our client feel satisfied and comfortable when the deal closes.       

commercial litigation

We negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and litigate. We have tried several cases in state courts in Oregon and Washington and we have presented clients in disputes in a variety of other forums, including bankruptcy courts and administrative agencies. It is our opinion that litigation is not the optimal method of resolving disputes; consequently, we evaluate cases early and often to determine whether there is a quick and economical means of reaching our client’s goal.  In addition, we approach disputes from a business perspective because most of our cases involve commercial or business issues. We use good business judgment to develop our strategies for reaching the most favorable result for our clients.   

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